• walking on an endless stairway
    but it doesnt matter anyways
    the world flips
    turn dives and dips
    I cant tell whats up and whats down
    like walking on the unpainted face of a clown
    never ending patterns in my head
    like words on a page still unread
    it doesnt matter anymore
    this hit me to the core
    this world is making no sense
    like looking though a broken lense
    it breaks, i see double
    like that i know its trouble
    oppisits attract
    no other react
    falling down to the core of my soul
    moving a 1,00 different speeds
    but which can lead?

    my bodys spinning at 1 million miles
    a million different piles
    my bodys not moving altogether
    the broken lense gets put back together
    swirls of color
    this isnt my life
    like being stabbed with a knife
    here comes reality