• So now we are here.
    At last.To enjoy the sunset rise
    from the garden peers,what to
    enjoy then enjoy it with you.
    I'm not a Snake,im a Crow
    Fly,Fly,Fly,Away From the Earth
    Watery Tears.I'll Die From the Sins
    we made as we grow,from the roots,
    to the pouts and sloppy routes.

    Honey we are made,made to live.
    Made to feed off eachother like a
    Bloody Leech Of the Louisiana Swamps
    Now its the end of the road for us.

    Lets Die Peacefully without no sin.
    This is nonsense You Don't know s***
    ,Or maybe you know to much.
    im confuse on which.But I know we are
    meant to be,and that is something ill never leave
    Because...I Love You Forever,My Wife.

    .Happy Thanksgiving
    To all. heart