• If I died tomorrow, would you miss me?

    Shed tears of sorrow, perhaps wished you kissed me?

    In our lifetime where seconds feel like eternity,

    Emotion is a crime and loves is only for the worthy;

    Expression of gestures mistaken for offense,

    No compassion for the confessor, making the mood too tense;

    Some often take my kindness for blindness,

    Others intently seek for my weakness;

    Exploitation; with the creation of hostility,

    A numbing sensation, sensing loves futility;

    Happiness, adrift a sea of bliss,

    With feelings as innocent as the nativity,

    Imagination is the power of ultimate creativity;

    So I can only imagine a land of serenity,

    Peace, Harmony, Trust and Love; Can it be?

    Shamefully not in our reality,

    Only those of like-mind will look and can see;

    We're willing to plant the thoughts of the "Love Seed",

    With my heart on lock-down; Who has the key?

    So I ask again...

    If I died tomorrow, would you miss me?...