• I’m like her tarnished locket, the one that once hung about her neck, now forgotten waiting for the moment somebody opens me up and discovers the secrets that I hide,

    On the out side you would never tell that I once shined bright and beautiful, but through the years of neglect and abuse, the world has blackened my skin, gave me a rough exterior. One that allows me to keep this hope alive,

    Either we grow and bend with this ugly world or we get left behind, sometimes the past is the hardest to let go and were left to always looking back.
    The heart is such a frail and vain thing. Always wanting what it cant have and never knowing until its to late.

    I refuse to let hate inside of me, I shall remain filled with memories of what once was and for what shall be, the future and the past combined to make a perfect harmony. One that will keep the balance of all the things I ever held dear and the strength to let go of the things that no longer hold any significance

    And when you find me buried under all the ruble of broken treasures, don’t discard of me until you open me up, you’ll see under all the layers of rust and dirt if you just look a little deeper, find a way to see through the scratches and over lapping initials. laying and waiting; is the person I strive to be. The person you held your breath for. Right there in front of you. Something you always saw just always over looked …

    so its a little rough but your opinions as long as its constructive would be greatly appreciated