• Once again I've became afraid
    Afraid of all what lays ahead
    I know it's foolish to not seek comfort
    But it's unimportant for the tears I shed

    For my troubles are petty compared to others
    Theirs are important than mine so small
    My own fault for sinking into this depression
    Does it really matter how far I fall?

    Despite my melancholy mood, I do try to smile
    To keep others from worring when they see,
    For I know they won't know how to help
    So why worry about little ol' me?

    You see I'm not truly in any danger
    There is no reason for a shoulder to weep
    I'm just a scared, pathetic little girl
    Who's dug a hole, curled up inside asleep

    Despite the dark, it's safe in this hole of mine
    A barrior that keeps everything blocked out
    Feeling numb is only a price for fear to be dorment
    So I have no reason to yell or even shout

    It's not the best reaction to have
    But I really don't know what else to do
    Either retreat into my hole or wallow in misery
    Does it really matter what I choose?

    Depression is still going to take ahold
    And the fear is always going to stay
    What's the point in stopping the cries?
    In the end, I'm still pathetic anyway