• I'm undone, broken, spent and bleeding,
    Will you even turn around?

    I'm backing up, you broke my heart,
    Did it break yours too?

    I'm wishing you would run to me,
    Yet I know that I'm just dreaming.

    I can't let go, you don't understand,
    I fell in way too deep.

    Are you going to let me drown?
    Or will you dive in to get me?

    I'm empty inside since you went away,
    Nothing makes sense anymore.

    These empty pieces, scattered far,
    Are crumbling to dust.

    Will you come and take me back,
    Or will you leave me to die?

    There's a pain in my chest, an ache, a hole,
    I have no way of filling it.

    I gave up all options and gave them to you,
    I have nowhere else to turn.

    I sit down and try to cry,
    But I can't shed a single tear.

    My heart can't take this hurt, this pain,
    It feels like it's going to give.

    So will you leave me, leave me here,
    With these empty pieces of me?

    Or will you turn back to look at me,
    And tell me to come back to you?