• Sadly Weeping in the corner,
    An angel with tattered wings,
    Gently she weeps,
    Her love was torn to pieces,

    By the Wrath of another,
    Her blidfold,
    Protects the empty sockets that once held wonderous eyes,
    Her ears no loner attached to her flawless face,

    She can no longer behold the beauty of her lover,
    Nor can she hear his sweet cooing voice,
    His soft touch is enough to drive her mad,
    With out her tounge she cannot tell him her last wish,

    Softly weeping in the corner,
    With bo sound,
    An angel sits and weeps,
    Waiting for her lover to end her.

    For with out his voice or face she no longer wants life,
    Thus she searches for death.