• Separated by the glass,
    Days and hours go by fast,
    Did we ever have a chance?
    Were we ever meant to last?

    I wonder if you think the same?
    Maybe the love was just too plain,
    Same old same old game all day,
    I think our love has gone astray.

    You have your dreams and I have mine,
    We always seem to be out of time,
    But aren’t you happy that it’s all done?
    The battle was over and we had won.

    Don’t look back on the pass you miss,
    There isn’t time to reminisce,
    I know it had to end like this,
    But I’m just fine.
    Yes I’m just fine.

    Let’s go our separate ways,
    There’s no reason, there’s no reason for anyone to stay,
    Keep me off and clear out your mind,
    Cause I’m just fine.
    I’m just fine.