• First thing's first- lemme lay it out straight.
    I don't need you and I don't follow "fate."
    Only I choose what I get to do.
    Not you or your friends or your posse or your crew.

    I don't need your "God" and I don't want your s**t.
    I'm gonna walk away and I'm gonna forget.
    Forget about you, forget what you said,
    And I'm gonna get rid of your voice in my head.

    I'm not gonna give in and follow the "norm,"
    You stay inside- I'll brave the storm.
    I'll walk out in the lightning and rain,
    And I'll do it with bulletholes piercing my brain.

    So now that you know how strongly I feel,
    Maybe you'll join me and see what's real.
    Illusions of glamor and thoughts of grandeur
    All fill your head and we can't find a cure.

    I defy your laws and shatter your physics.
    Your mind is closed and you've reached your limit.
    But higher I soar on wings of gold,
    The finger is up and my shoulder is cold.