• Love is like a horizon
    It's not there to stay
    No matter how much you chase after it
    It only goes farther away

    It capture you with its brilliance
    And unconsciously lures you in
    But even if you run to it
    You never truly win

    Along our journey
    We see many beautiful things
    But the fact that we keep running
    Means we are never truly pleased

    We see peeks at its glory
    But we only run more
    Will we never be satisfied
    Till we're at its very core

    After a while
    We tend to slow
    Where is it leading me
    Where will I go

    The horizon is leaving
    I need to hurry
    While I trip and stumble
    I start to worry

    Where did it go
    Will it ever come back
    Why did it run
    Is it something I lack

    It's getting dark
    It's practically night
    But even though I ran and ran
    Remaining isn't a single sunlight

    We are now tired
    So we softly drift to sleep
    Even though we knew
    The horizon isn't something we keep

    But when I awaken
    What is that I see
    Is it the horizon
    Looking back at me

    Love is like a horizon
    It isn't there to stay
    But right when you give up
    It comes back the next day