• Why do my tears fall?
    Why do I wear this mask?
    Why do I build these walls?
    I wear this mask to hide my tear stained eyes,
    to hide my scars,
    to hide my true self.
    I build walls, thick and tall,
    around my little broken heart
    to keep it from breaking more.
    The day he came into my life,
    my mask tore.
    My walls, my precious walls, crumbled.
    I started to cry.
    He took me into his loving arms
    and told me that all would be okay...
    But he was lying!
    he tore off his mask of love and kindness,
    and he hurt me!
    He took every last thing I had,
    including my hope.
    He made me cry.
    He gave me these scars.
    He broke my heart.
    Now you know...