• -music intro-

    V1- Look at me.
    You're turning in to something you never thought you'd be.
    Black Eyes.
    Stone cold heart.
    I wish you the worst,
    I wish it to start.

    V2- Black nightmare.
    Of the past, which I owned.
    One minute of warmth,
    hours of hurt.
    Your soul is as dirty.
    As dirt.

    H1- Why, why why.
    Why does it turn out this way?
    Please, please please.
    Come back to me!

    C1- You're my black nightmare.
    Cold to the touch.
    Blank stares of un-identified love.
    I hurt so much because of you.
    But why do I seem to still love you.
    Black nightmare turn back to light.
    Save yourself from an eternal night.
    Without a soul, nor a hand to hold.

    -music intro-

    V3- I know it hurts.
    To have me away from you for this long.
    I was your heart, soul.
    I was your song.

    V4- Black nightmare.
    You're having right now.
    You have regret.
    And you show it loud.
    So maybe one day I'll hear your sound.
    And you say.


    C2- I was you're black nightmare.
    I hurt you so, and now I can't forgive myself.
    Until you forgive me.
    I'm sorry for everything.
    You can't let me go on living this way.
    Please forgive me.
    Or you'll be living a black nightmare.

    I1- Ooooh. OoooOooh.
    Ooooh. OoooOooooh.

    B1- Please forgive me.
    For your pain.
    Please forgive me.
    For not forgiving.
    You are my world.
    I could never let you get hurt again.
    Not even for my life.


    V5- Silence is key.
    For your sanity.
    Words are key.
    For you to forgive me.
    My black nightmare.