• I am sweating.

    The rays of the sun burning into my skin,

    My patience growing thin.

    I use anger to cover the nerves.

    Surely this agony is something no one deserves.

    How can someone be so patient,

    knowing that they suffered from abandonment,

    From the person who they are waiting for .

    But as of today can no longer ignore.

    Its not to late I think to myself..

    Run now, and save yourself .

    I can't, we have a bond, he promised he would come

    He promised 5 years ago, 16 when i was young.

    I turn towards my home , its time to go.

    Its getting dark, I should have known he wouldn't show.

    As I walk back tears begin to fall .

    I go slowly trying to stall .

    Maybe hes injured and is coming late ?

    But reality hit me, I handed my heart out on a silver plate .

    I trip and fall .

    I weep, with loud sobs, not hearing his call .

    Hes coming but I don't know
    He comes close walking quietly and slow .

    I turn around startled , eyes wide .

    Hes standing there by my side .

    Tears come again but not from sadness ,

    I cry from relief and happiness .

    At last hes here !

    I had no more fears .

    Once more we are together .

    Knowing we will last forever .

    We both thank god,

    For we would have died,

    Without our patience .