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    I was up all christmas night
    Waiting for Santa to come down that chimney tight
    All I got was coal last year
    But I will make him shed a tear

    I have my gun ready for him
    Time to make him look like tiny Tim

    Rustle, Tustle I hear a noise
    I am going to steal his precious toys
    Red Fat Nick came down the chimney
    I am going to do to him like what I did with Sidney

    I jumped out with my loaded Gun
    Time for me to have some fun
    You would think he said " Ho, Ho, Ho "
    But it went more like " No, No, No "

    His pulse stop while the air cleared
    I guess I was a bit too unfair
    Oh well, what can you do?
    I guess I went a bit coo-coo

    I kept the sleigh and presents for myself
    And hid Santa in the Self
    I killed Rudolph and cook him sweet
    But I skipped some reindeer meat

    I made everyone suffer my pain
    So I drop down coal like a heavy rain
    Merry Christmas on this Christmas Night
    Now I ruin Christmas for my own delight