• [ a silant scream
    a lonley cry
    a batterd fist
    with it i sigh.

    i am nothing
    but the gods
    a golden cup
    of peace and war
    and what do the world do?

    as paicing your steps threw the snow
    you realize that your foot prints are yet the ones of another man
    not yours

    growing old
    as the seas colide
    a hooded figure emerges
    a friendly man
    has come to keep you under his cape

    your lips
    not a word
    your mouth not a breath
    your time is tiking
    now its up
    for is their nothing worse in the world?

    you can be in a forever cocoon of warmth
    or in the cluching fists of pain
    a confushon passes you
    their we are you are dead.

    a little dancing light is now in your spot
    with tiny feet and hands
    and poering with curosity
    this is what you where once but now you are simply just a color in the breez.