• It's been about 5 years
    since the day I first met you
    Damn, How much I hated you.

    But now, I can't seem to be mad at you.
    Even when you give me reason to be.
    I don't know how you didnt see flaws in me

    Your never mad, or even impatient,
    though I can be sorta mean.
    You always find ways to forgive me

    Even if I don't Deserve it.
    I don't know how much time I've spent
    Calling you and texting you,

    It;s a safe bet to say "a lot"
    Though we've had our fights
    I think we always end up closer

    I've been through a lot lately
    And you have too
    But we faced it together,

    We stuck through,
    and carried on
    And we still end out okay right?

    You listen to me when I mad,
    though I can be a b***h.
    You actually seem to care, though I don't see why

    All in all in all my life
    I loved you more
    (he he, beatles refrence!!)