• Your all I can think about.
    I try in vain to steer my thoughts away from you.
    But I can't help but think about your smile,
    Your eye color,
    The way you look at me,
    Your laugh.
    I wonder if you think about me like I do you.
    If you did, but I highly doubt,
    Then I would know that you love me.
    Because what I feel for you
    Isn't hormones or my imagination.
    It's real.
    And if we have real, untortured, and untouched love,
    Then we can seal it away in ourselves forever
    With a kiss that is just like any other.
    But it isn't the quite brushing of our lips together.
    It's the look in your eyes when we pull back.
    What I see is sincerity.
    And I hope you can see in my eyes too,
    That I need you and love you more than you would ever know.
    And that this is true, unexpireable, love.