• Why... this?
    Why does this happen?
    We're no longer together, just friends.
    Yet we laugh to no end.
    Same old jokes from before.
    Except we're no more.
    I'm always so happy when I see that you're here...
    But why? My heart is not clear.
    I tell myself no.
    I tell myself I love you no more.
    But all I get is this confusion, tearing at my soul.
    I am no longer whole.
    Why do we do this to each other?
    Why are we best friends?
    Why won't it end?
    I hurt you when we separated, but, now...
    Can you see?
    Can you see what you're doing to me?
    I'm sorry I hurt you.
    I'm sorry I was mean.
    But we both know we're the perfect team.
    What is this feeling?
    Why do you have me reeling?
    Is this love?
    Or just... friendship?