• The sky is orange, sun rises.
    The world is turning, dawn breaking.
    Time is slow, people still in rest.
    Save for night life which lay to dream.
    The birds shall wake and sing their song.
    The quiet morn will soon begin with noise.

    Ringing loudly, the alarm gives loud noise.
    She hits snooze, reluctantly rises.
    She hops in the shower singing a private song.
    Driving LA’s packed freeways. Breaking!
    So close. A drivers place is not to day dream.
    Finally, her destination. Late, no time to rest.

    Sprinting to class to beat the rest.
    The door soon closes, absent of halls noise.
    Late, heart skipping like with a scary dream.
    Sitting, breathing hard, a flush rises.
    Ignorant of tardiness, rules breaking.
    Cellphone rings, rush to silence the song!

    Distraction, a bird outside a sweet song.
    Time goes fast, class over, time to rest.
    Her cellphone falls almost breaking.
    Flinching, at the landing noise.
    Picking it up, she checks it as she rises.
    So much damage, a new phone but a dream.

    The day is tiring, it feels like a dream.
    She settles in her car, and turns on a song.
    As she heads out, the moon slowly rises.
    Her eyes are tired, driving she cannot rest.
    To keep awake, she turns up the radios noise.
    Traffic follows a song, rhythmic breaking.

    The sun is at the horizon, twilight breaking
    Now home, she lays her head to dream.
    The city is ready to cease their noise.
    The sweet song birds end their song.
    After a long day she will now rest.
    Though this is when the nightlife rises.

    Alarm noise, silence breaking
    She rises from her dream.
    The song is on repeat, never to rest.