• Art

    What a powerful thing

    Is it colorful


    And Touching, both physically and mentally.

    Is it that Spark of an idea

    And with that spark, comes the BLAST of the creative "TNT"

    The powerful heat, warm feeling of such a weapon

    with the power to change a person

    A state

    A continent

    The whole world, maybe even the universe.

    Art it is not just that of which you visualize with a splash of color

    but of those who speak

    Speaking of Truth, inspiration, and power

    with each word moving just as the other

    Such as we have to need for food, we also feed off of Art!

    For those who are reading these words of truth

    Words of love

    Words of passion

    Anyone is capable of creating art, either of the lack of color blast, or Fancy vocabulary

    "You" are capable of creating something new

    something Inspiring

    Something that can change the world


    "You" are Art!
    P.S.- If you can read this, your COOL! (Easter Egg)