• Let me paint a picture.
    The one that shows this place.
    Gaze into my picture.
    Pass through time and space.
    I'm in this field and all alone.
    There's no one here;
    I'm all on my own.
    The only flower
    In this lonely field.
    The only one
    Still refusing to yield.
    To yield to the forces
    Of oncoming threats.
    No time for remorse.
    No time for regret.
    I dig in my roots
    And hold my petals high.
    All I can do
    Is gaze at that sky.
    That blue, blue sky
    Untainted by my surroundings.
    That deep, blue sky
    Still untainted by the lies.
    The lies that haunt the field
    Every single day.
    Those nasty, little lies
    I wish would go away.
    Yet here I am
    Planted firmly in place.
    I'm wishing for someone.
    Just a new face.
    I wait for a rose
    To be planted beside me.
    I wait for a rose
    That might lead and guide me.
    The yin to my yang
    The yang to my yin
    Whatever the case,
    I know we will win.
    But I'll wait in this field
    For as long as it takes.
    My field of old
    I long to create.