• We are old, friend
    Too old to last much longer
    Rusted and bitter
    We stare our cynical stares at the world
    And we make no difference
    We gave it our best shot
    Years of blowing every opportunity
    Wasting every god-given gift
    Oh well,
    There's always next time
    We relinquish our hold on our world
    Give in to the rushing, undesirable change
    Past the point of keeping up
    No, we're much wiser now
    Wise enough to know when to call it quits
    All the energy of the youth
    Is wasted on the youth
    What we would do for some of that old energy, huh
    Resigned to watching birds like people and people like birds
    From a comfortable park bench by the sea
    At least it's a beautiful day to be alive