• Your Galahad

    I was your champion
    Your champion knight
    Seated at your Siege Perilous
    However, it wasn’t enough
    Inside I was a coward

    The anger was there
    The urge to fight was strong
    To be your Galahad
    An honor

    Nevertheless, I did nothing

    Not a sound
    Not peep
    Not word

    I stood there
    Wait. Did I bother stand?
    I sat
    I sat and watched
    I watched you struggle
    I left my king to fight alone

    You sat too
    The passive one you are
    But you of warrior blood never sit for long
    You fought
    To posses what was yours

    I apologize, dear king
    Am I sore?
    Taste bitter
    I failed to defeat your enemies
    An occurrence that won’t happen again

    I am Sir Galahad
    Seated at your Siege Perilous

    To rise to the challenge I shall

    Never again to watch you struggle