• Trust
    That simple thing that holds us together
    the sweet bond between two
    Thats ment to last forever
    a thread so fragile
    that the slightest tug could tear it apart
    and those who keep it
    remain dearly in my heart
    but the bond between us
    You've broken
    and all this pain and anger inside
    you've awoken
    a hole is all that is left
    in the place I once hold your friendship dear
    your so far away
    when once you were so very near
    your betrayal
    the source of this pain, anger, and so many other emotions
    I vainly search for a cure
    but there is no such potion
    So here I sit
    One friend less
    Still torn up inside
    from this whole mess
    Why did you betray me?
    Was my friendship's importance so minuscule
    that you could throw it away so thoughtlessly?
    Do you feel guilty,
    for what you have done?
    Does your heart ache
    or am I the only one?
    I want to trust you again
    without fear of you letting me down
    but I can't
    The reasons are all around
    The lies
    The betrayal
    the deciet
    and denial
    All of these things
    I know you may not regret
    And though I may forgive
    I shall never forget