• your eyelids are curtains that remove all veils.

    close and open with care and behold unseen trails.

    color has meaning a reflection of health.

    physical poverty or body wealth.

    when dark colors forbiddingforbiding to hover with stillness.

    make no mistake: this means illness.

    with color and sound there is also vibration.

    thinking has a frequency pure and perfect correlation.

    between thoughts and reality alliance is deep.

    think and act well as you sow you shall reap.

    a word to the wise on the meaning of snakes:

    the false hood of a cobra gives not only takes.

    directed all the ways from the sorce that is known.

    dont fight with fangs or all progress is thrown.

    beware of all flurries in sparks of static.

    harmful toughts are the substance the sorce of their flow.

    negetivity embodies in the snowballs of static towards oneself and twords others is quite acrobatic.

    compassion is best when veiwing others be lenient

    or life gets inconvient.

    stay loving stay kind and do not intervene.

    unless so invited stay neutral and clean.

    your eyelids are the curtain that remove every veil.