• I sleep all day with little play
    I want someone to hold me
    I come to you, you hear me mew
    I need someone to hold me

    Your lap looks nice
    I think I'll lay on it
    But that shoulder sure looks better
    "No, fat cat! You'll hurt my back."
    And you put me on the floor

    I think it's time to eat some food
    I'm really in a hungry mood
    Hey, look the door
    It seems ajar
    A bird's hopping out there

    I take my paws and push it far
    To take a step outside
    "Bad fat cat! Get back inside!"
    If you didn't scold me, that bird'd be mine

    And now I'm sleeping on the couch
    You put your fur-less paw on mine I open my eyes and look at you
    "What's wrong, fat cat?" is what you ask

    ...I need someone to hold me...