• A heart filled with fire and ice
    Is a very wild animal indeed.
    It must beware for deep traps
    Or else the beast will be in need.
    The fire represents the passion
    Caused by love and sex and lust.
    The warmth fills your atmosphere
    And reduces your worries to dust.
    It burns white-hot like blue flames
    And boils your blood with delight.
    It steals the breath from ya body
    And causes ya to lose your sight.
    It lifts ya higher than ever:
    Your heart that carries your soul;
    It seems like it's moving too fast;
    And then exctasy takes control...
    Over time, the rush might fade,
    And all that's left is the fall.
    The rock, the root, or the hole
    That marks the demise of it all.
    The heat is replaced by the cold,
    The sadness eats away at the joy,
    Lonliness mocks the once-warm bed,
    And ya feel like a torn apart toy.
    The ice represents the emptiness
    Caused by your heart's sudden ache.
    The misery is a tumble down a hill
    And everything seems to break.
    A heart filled with fire and ice
    Is an animal leading the stampede:
    The fall will increase its ascent
    Because a wild beast will be freed.