• I should have know,
    Right from the start,
    You failed me once,
    And broke my heart.

    You made me feel special,
    but now I see,
    that you do that to every other fish in the sea.

    I'm just some girl,
    I have no weight in your heart,
    But I don't see how fair it is,
    That you can pull me apart.

    I've given you so many chances,
    Because I thought you could change,
    But all those songs and dances,
    They all ended up the same.

    So here I stand in front of you,
    Broken, in pain, and battered,
    but at least I can still feel something,
    because that just means that this truly mattered,
    to me.

    But there you are,
    Your cold face and ice emotions,
    I meant nothing to you,
    You were just going through the motions.

    I would rather live this painful life,
    then be like you,
    but cause you haven't a clue,
    What it means to truly live.