• You're not my perch for when I'm scared
    You've never showed you've ever cared
    I won't hold your hand, I won't take a deep breath
    You can watch me escape to the hands of death

    Because having my life taken away
    Makes the world turn around today

    You've broken a string you shouldn't have strung
    That's all we ever do: Live short and die young
    Because now I'm standing here, half broken
    Listening to what I wish you hadn't spoken

    You're waiting for my life to eat away
    So you can live for another day

    I'm really the one that's on top
    I'm the one that makes you stop
    Right in your tracks of conceit
    Waiting for you to admit defeat

    I'm right in the way of what you're waiting for
    With my broken strings upon the floor

    I'm watching you shiver in anticipation
    You're waiting to drop your dedication
    And leave in bounds of glory and glee
    Removing yourself of what you should see

    But you hadn't gotten the clue
    It's standing right in front of you