• I loved you, you kiled me and as i lay there dying
    You stand over my body laughing as if you never cared at all
    My body decays, It rots away
    In the ground I am buried never to breathe or see your face again
    My soul gets dragged down into hell
    I am condemned to damnation in this
    Hell because of you, I will never be able to breathe or see your
    face again because i fell to you, I wish i could have another chance to
    Love you, Why couldnt my suffering end before it began?
    You act so coldly to everyone but you treated me so kindly
    I mustve been blind to think that you ever loved me
    you stabbed my heart and ripped it out
    I must be losing my out of my mind
    My body decays without you
    My body cant live on without you
    Its over. Its finished. I loved you. Im dead.
    YOU ******** MURDERED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!