• underwater
    I lay myself
    I come back up looking
    like someone else

    I put rose petals in my mouth
    no matter what I say
    it passes over their sweet scent
    turning into candy for all ears

    Why did I do this?
    I drank it downm
    Now he finds me all by

    what are you doing.
    you undress yourself.
    I close my eyes to take me
    somewhere else.

    I opened my mouth
    to speak to her...
    but all words turn into marbles
    an d shattered on the floor.

    shes tired of truth half spoken
    and leaves more green then before
    knowing it was only her
    who'd ever hear me speak

    I watched her walk away
    my mouth lipes still sewn together

    nobodys ever gonna find out
    nobodys ever gonna find out.