• Just a Giant Question

    When your blood runs faster
    Than the music you play,
    When you cut it from your arm
    At the end of the day,
    Surely you wonder what life is for
    And what is the point of fighting this war?

    Why am I here?
    Why’s it so hard?
    Why do I lie here,
    Broken and scarred?
    Why is the blood so keen to escape?
    Why is my life so keen to vacate?

    What is the reason
    I’m here in this Hell?
    Is there a reason
    That my body fell
    Down to the floor in bloody red,
    Wounds keep weeping, soon I’ll be dead.

    Lie on the ground
    And look to the sky,
    Screaming apologies
    And wondering why
    This is the end of the race I’ve run,
    Just as my morbid life had begun.