• Our lover’s duet has come arisen
    As the sweet mornings smell of remembrance drafts through the room
    Eloquent as snow is our once innocent love
    As spring has flown just in time
    Though, fate is cruel as the illusion lifts, do we realize
    The consequences are daring
    Yet we are more
    As the fight has just begun
    Battle after battle our memories fade like the day
    Who have we become?
    _ _
    The war has now ended
    As all come to reason, two join as one
    Again our paths crisscross
    Like on a checkered board
    We meet face to face
    Love renounced as those gangly flashes come to start
    Hold in lover’s embrace, we are now masters
    Never forget ever
    Together forever even in death is our sentence
    The rings on our fingers has been placed
    Now we are husband and wife
    Forever and ever