• whouldve though that when I met you...a year from now..wed be like this..
    I never expected this to be so hard... We were supposed to have ouur
    year anniversary today..and we dond talk to eachother.

    I did everything possible to keep you by me, but constant situations
    Keept drifting us appart... I'm really convinced that this situation
    is out of my hands to fix...and it will not be fixed any time soon.

    It almost seemed like yesterday that I wrote you. The first poem of us
    and how much I loved you ...heh.. ...but what dosent kill us makes us
    stronger right?...

    The last thing I wanted was to Hurt you...but stilll Being with you
    didint help the situation...I guess separating ourselves is the only
    way to help us...so you can understand the type of life that you live
    and fix it ..or at least try to make it better..

    I really don't wanna see you suffer...and I feel like crap right
    now...but I won't let this get me down...I'm still your friend and
    I'll be there for you..to help you in anything you need..

    I know the past...but cant know the future...we don't knou how life
    works it's ways...who knous where life might take us..god works in
    mysterious ways for you, for me, and everyone around us...

    Right now I'm fighting the desire to call you...and talk to you.. My
    mind is shure of what i have to do..but my heart tells me otherwise.
    But In the end weed be back to the same empty routine we had...cause
    there are still things that need to be solved..

    I asked help from my parents..and they made me open my eyes...to a lot
    of things I overlooked...and they made me think carefully and
    critically about what I really want for me and my future...I
    Witch I started to see...as we progressed and looked ...very pale and

    Well, we'll se where life leads us...if we meet somewhere along the
    way... Thank god..and thank god I meet you. I learned a lot o things
    and had a wonderful time being with you..I'll miss you.

    Till then...