• In the dark monsters seek,
    to find a soul they will reap,
    to unleash apon their selfish lust,
    to hold you, and attempt to earn your trust.

    These bastards work in clever ways,
    to aquire their perfectly innocent pray.
    They creep inside and work from there,
    after awhile its more then you can bare.

    But show no fear of these beasts,
    if you do prepare for their feasts.
    For these sick beings crave your screams,
    and they wont quit till they split your seams.

    But if you prepare for their invasion,
    you might survive the mutilation,
    and if you resist the urge to fight,
    they might just let you survive tonight.

    [[Ending one]]

    And while you lay in bed tonight,
    pray your ravished souls in sight,
    and that you'd never have to live in such fright,
    for your soul is under heaven's protective might.

    [[Ending two]]

    And then as you lay in your bed at night,
    pray to god, your souls still in sight.
    And that you may never have to live in that type of fright again
    because your soul is under heaven's protective might and,
    in the words you speak nothings gonna happen to me tonight,
    except in my reoccurring dreams that to my disbelief keep me up in fright.
    -Tigger Sexton