• In the words I dare not speak
    you pry to unearth that i don't seek,
    the courage, the want, the need to be
    this artist we both see in me.

    But in the words you do not know,
    you'll find that I had to let you go.
    Release you now to see what's right,
    for being so near dims my sight.

    And in the words I'd like to say
    you distrust I love you just the same.
    Even though this is not true,
    for I did this because I love you.

    Because in the words no one will find,
    I really didn't leave you behind,
    I left you there so no one would detect,
    for that exposure will cost all respect.

    And in the words I wish to express
    this act was in the name of your success.
    For all I want is to see you achieve
    your desires, hopes, and every last fantasy.

    And in the words I can finally announce
    you hear these words, which you'll probably renounce.
    And sadly, I'll just have to anticipate,
    that you'll still be there... so here I wait.