• Curly red locks,
    with a little button nose.
    Bright pools of hazel,
    as they softly close.

    All bundled up,
    snuggling up in bed.
    A beautiful little girl
    resting down her head.

    With such a sweet face,
    so innocent and pure.
    Almost lost by the doctor's
    body crippling cure.

    I know you're worried mom,
    now don't you fret.
    This little angel really isn't
    about to give up just yet.

    I see it in her,
    she's strong as can be.
    Smiling at the world
    that only causes her agony.

    With such inspiring strength,
    and a will that knows no bounds.
    Her joy filled laugh, it gets me.
    It's such a beautiful sound.

    She has a spirit like no other,
    that overcomes all treachery.
    That shines in the darkness,
    despite all her history.

    So you see dearest mom,
    there's no need to despair,
    because you can make her whole day,
    by just being there.

    So as you tuck her into bed,
    and you kiss her goodnight,
    I just want you to know
    it's okay to turn out the light.

    This is dedicated to my seven year old cousin Alyssa. She beat leukemia, and after her cancer went away she caught a cold sore that traveled up her nose and into her brain. Causing her seizures, epilepsy, and blindness. She recently had brain surgery, in which a portion of it was removed. She has to relearn simple things like talking in full sentences now as a result. But she is the sweetest little girl I've ever met. So happy, despite all of her misfortune, so easy to please. She inspired me to write this poem.
    By the way, for those who like to criticize the rhythm of poetry, its SUPPOSED to be a bouncy poem.