• I was alone and cold for such a long time,
    I was hated and shunned as if my being alive was a crime,
    I wanted only companionship, without it my heart was hollow,
    And then you came, and joy seemed to follow.

    When everyone turns their backs on you you can no longer see faces,
    searching for a friend, but only finding disgust, so many people so many places,
    I lost all hope, I was lost in the pain existence brings,
    Then you showed up, and my mute heart awakens and sings.

    You rescued me from the abyss of emptyness and pain,
    you brought with you sunshine, when for so long I only knew rain,
    I only wish I deserved it, and give you what you're doin,
    But as good as I am I have my yin, and it only brings ruin.

    I can't fully put my feelings into words,
    But when I think of you I think of a flock of birds,
    So free and happy, lighter then the air itself, so pure,
    And you seem to believe I am too, but I'm not so sure.

    You bring out the best in me, so I forget the worst,
    And you fill me up with your radiance, til I'm sure I'll burst,
    You're an impossible anomaly, my own personal midnights sun.

    But I shouldnt forget, my personal darkness will never rest,
    And everybody around me gets hurt, even the best,
    So you'll be forever unnatainable, my own personal midnights sun.