• My baby, hitting the road. But no one knows where they're going.
    Must find, my dear. I wouldn't want them to steal my love.
    Trying to be cool, relaxed... not worth it.
    I'm just trying to find the one on my mind.
    Time... how I'm losing it. Where is my runaway love?
    I'm searching, and searching. No matter how hard I try.
    I will not stop until I find you, love. No matter what happens to my life.
    You tell me you don't like being by yourself, you want company.
    But most of the time...you, my dear, are not always with me.
    Why? Why must you runaway? Leave me searching. Pain and agony for you to stay.
    Why can't I find them. They are standing in front of me. Am I blind?
    No. How did I let you get away... my runaway dear?