• You kiss your mommy and daddy goodnight
    They assure you everything's alright
    You get in your covers tucked in nice and warm
    "There's nothing to fear" They inform.

    The door creaks away and shuts with a turn
    And thats when you begin to fright and concern
    You look to the door and footsteps fade gone
    You lay there hoping you'll make it till dawn

    You shiver and shake and look to the right
    The window is open! And they have you in sight.
    You must think fast and hurry to get the window flack
    Before you become their tasty midnight snack.

    You grab a bat and and to the window you run
    You hurry to the window and shut it with caution
    You know your, safe, but only where your standing
    Hurry back to the bed, before they begin charging!

    Just like a flash you run straight to the bed
    Atlease you know there may not be any bloodshed
    You go under the covers safe and sound
    No monsters under there, none to be found

    The sun comes up and your parents walk in
    A bloodcurdling scream in heard this seems quite dim
    They look to the floor as your mother cries
    All they see is your gruesome demise

    "We should've listened" your parents say
    He would've been better off that way.
    Theres nothing left to do but clean up your mess
    Your mother calls her parents telling them of her destress.

    You're parents never listened
    To when you talked and beakoned
    I was the sound you heard under the bed
    Now you're gone your parents think your dead.