• Hello?! Are you there?!?!
    Why won't you answer me?
    You told me to call if I needed you!!
    And you won't answer?
    Please! Be my savior! HELP ME!
    Am I going to die?
    I call and call your name.
    Nothing. Darkness! Isolation!!
    I'm all alone.
    I'm loosing my last bit of sanity!
    I hate you! But I love you too.
    Why are you so confusing?
    Inside I want to kill you!
    Oh, but I want you to live too!
    You always say you hate me.
    Is it true?
    Is it really true even though I've done nothing?
    I kept your secrets!
    You could tell me anything!
    And this is how you repay my selflessness?!
    I HATE YOU!!!
    No more love! No more caring!
    You traitor! You Betrayor!
    Forget you!
    I don't need you anymore!
    I'm writing my suicide letter.
    Whoever finds it will know it's all.
    Click. BOOM!!!
    I'm dead. Congrats.
    You've killed me.
    I hope you're happy.