• Do you remember a time when I was your baby girl?
    You would have done anything in the world
    Just to make me laugh
    Now I can’t even get you to do half
    As good as that you’re just ******** up things left and right
    But we’ll see where things go when it’s night
    And the darkness falls
    You’ll come running back but I’ll be blocking your calls
    I don’t want to hear from you again
    Yeah, what’s your plan gonna be then?
    You treat me like dirt under your shoes
    But when it comes time what will you choose?
    You think when you’re done abusing
    I’m gonna let you come back to using
    Me for your little ******** stress toy?
    The one you used to call your pride and joy
    Yeah, ******** that we’re done with that game
    You’re done putting the mother ******** blame
    On me and everything thing I do
    Because where are you gonna be when you see I can do it too
    Man, I hear the words you say
    I know you’ve planned em out for the day
    When I ******** things up so you can tear me down
    And toss me around
    Well it’s time for this s**t to end
    I’ll stand here for now and defend
    Myself until you’re gone
    But don’t forget its darkest until the dawn
    So you can stand up there and fight
    But this is over, welcome to the night