• Perfection,
    Hair like an inferno of lust,
    Flowing in a way so magnificent,
    Wind swept curls swaying ere and forth,
    Divine red strips being influenced by the domain of such a meek element,
    Passive wind would not give way for such a find,
    The sapphire hair bursting hither and thither,
    Erupting upon positions as a volcano would exude magma,
    A touch would suffice,
    For the elegance of such a network was compelling enough,
    The complexion only afterwards stunning an already amazed bystander,
    Few things depicted,
    Yet already the sophistication of this individual has arisen to new heights,
    An aura of her perfect persona brimming about the downfall of others,
    Showing them the correct path,
    Giving them happiness when it is least expected,
    Not deserved,
    Never experienced,
    How could such a person exist?

    She is a minority,
    All of us,
    Every single person,
    Has these attributes that consist of her form,
    Construct such a enticing persona,
    She gives us everything we could ever ask for,
    In the form of a smile,
    For a tendency has developed,
    One which will stay forever,
    Throughout the duration of a granted life giving others perfect happiness,
    Would I like to be that someone...
    An individual who could convert darkness to light,
    Shadows to reflections,
    Notes into songs,
    And still have the will to move on,
    Knowing that giving so much,
    Always has its consequences,
    She will always have my love,
    An easeful chore considering what glee has been siphoned to please my own interests,
    I say,
    Looking you in the eyes,
    A glare so innocent,
    I long for us to be eternally close,
    So one fateful day,
    I may repay my debt,
    One that I will forever have with you,
    Until I see your smile regain its harmonizing effect on the world,
    A world much happier with your presence than without it,
    A world which would be heartbroken without you,
    A world that I thought of,
    Where you are everything,
    I am everything,
    Everyone, is everything,
    This place is slowly constructing itself,
    Once it's complete..
    I know you won't have to be the person,
    Simply because,
    We can all do our part to give a smile.
    Some of us just don't believe it yet,
    But I know you do,
    So when this special day comes,
    I hope you would share it with me,
    Remembering that what you do to complete my days isn't mandatory,
    It's granted.

    You will always be sunshine to my eyes,
    Never forget,
    You're special to me in ways you wouldn't imagine, Lix,
    Let's see a smile,
    A wide one.
    I'm not going to be chasing cars all my life,
    I think you're the last of them,
    I'm more than content with that,
    So share with me your smile,
    And I will mine,
    Then just as our two expressions intertwine,
    We'll go on from the second after.
    Not a regret to be seen,
    Your smile making everything worthwhile,