• Before you everything was fine.
    The sky turned from blue to black.
    Rainy days were boring and lifeless.
    Sunny days were too hot to enjoy.
    Snowy days were too cold to leave bed.
    Windy days were useless.
    Water was tasteless and boring.
    Food had no flavor or creativity.
    Colors were dull and unattractive.
    Clothes were lame.
    Make up had no place in my house.

    With you everything is amazing.
    The sky turns from sky blue to rasberry red to deep purple.
    Rainy days are fun and lively.
    Sunny days are perfect to enjoy.
    Snowy days are silly and goofy.
    Windy days have many uses.
    Water has many flavors and uses.
    Food is tasty and creative.
    Colors are bright and attractive.
    Clothes are stylish.
    Make up covers my bathroom sink.

    You have changed how I see the world.
    I love you heart