• O, beauty, where has thou gone?
    I cannot seen to find thee,
    Nor under the the rocks nor in between.

    O, beauty, what are thou?
    You are neither my outside nor
    Your are my inside of me or my soul.

    O, beauty, where can I regain thee?
    That beauty which wasw lost to us,
    Which resonates in your ancientness.

    O, beauty, what do you stand for?
    You are neither true nor false
    Nor you are narutal nor artificial.

    O, beauty, are you good or evil?
    You can be incredible and make all better,
    Or you can bend and twist a person's heart to wikedness.

    O, beauty, you are beautiful.
    You are with us, you are everything,
    You were never lost, you are a feeling,
    You are nothing more than chaos.