• A humbled man born of nothing, seeks a single goal.

    To grow, to live, to love, to learn, each piece to form a whole.

    This being will grow, but not through years. Time will just bring age.

    The soul will learn from everything. The cry of fear, the smile of joy, and the bitter taste of rage.

    Life is just the "Weapon" not easy to escape.

    The man behind the trigger, is the one to give it shape.

    Yet everyday we see strength lose its way, no where left to turn.

    that person takes a shapeless figure and the mask it wore will burn.

    Inside yourself lies the truth, the heart that wears a skin.

    At birth that face is given name, and so is all within.

    As time moves on, you forget youre not alone.

    Weak or strong, the pulse inside seeks to guide you home.

    Along your way, you will lose shape and when that mask does burn.

    Take the time to find the mistake and allow yourself to learn.

    You are born a small idea, one thats is meant to grow.

    An idea so overwhelmed by the directions left to go.

    Stand strong, feet planted, but first we learn to crawl.

    Even in our final moments, we'll never know it all.

    Live each moment, guide yourself, life is not a race.

    life is just the oppertunity, its love without a face