• Interesting,Our Love so sweet,
    Is it really true?
    Interesting,Our love so sweet,
    I cant believe its true,
    When we met the first time,
    I thought I would die,
    Because when I met you,
    And you met me,
    I thought your face,
    Was as beautiful as rings;
    Saturn and other ringed planets unknown,
    Makes love so sweet,
    That it could not be unknown.

    Interesting,Our love so sweet,
    I cant understand,
    Why we even meet,
    It was awkward at first,
    But then I realized,
    You were one of a kind,
    So sweet with delight!

    I might say,My dear,
    But when I think of you,
    My heart beats away,
    Please be forever with me,
    For my tears wont stop,
    Till your love will drop to me,
    With a thump and a trot!

    Interesting and unique,
    I cannot say,
    Some think we are crazy,
    While others say we are in a daze,
    But when it really comes to the truth,
    Our love so sweet,Is Interesting,
    Silly Times and rather ridiculous times,
    Sad times and live times,
    Kissing times and love times,
    I have experienced with you,
    A certain smack,
    On our rear backs,
    Will give a signal to you,
    To whom i am referring to.