• ohhhhhhhhh! Judas judas!
    nooooooooo Judas Judas!
    (juda juda juda juda judas GA God!)
    The cross is ready.
    I am gonna betray.
    Silva to trade!
    I gonna give him away.
    I gonnna gonna!
    I leave him!
    I just can't belive your so very crule!
    why judas trator!
    oh no judas going soon!
    why Judas trator!
    noooooooo judas judas!
    nooooooooo Judas judas!
    (Juda juda juda judas GA GOD!)
    The passover is today.
    I gonna pray!
    Jesus is going away!
    Judas what do you say!
    Im gonna go down!
    going dow down!
    (That was wrong judas!!!!!! God STill LOVES!!!!!!!!!!! YOU!!)