• My time is running out I can’t go on
    My light is going out
    My flame of hope is burning out
    The sky is so dark and gray
    I feel like im in the middle of a heavy rain
    My wings are getting tired of trying to fly
    I feel so hurt and I don’t even know why
    Happiness seems miles away
    No one to show me its way
    Lost in a world unknown , im trying to keep fear away from me
    Trying to find a place where I belong but I feel like im not needed
    Only if I could just turn into dust
    Not feel anything nor trust
    Only if I didn’t exist then I wouldn’t hurt people around me
    Because right now I feel like I am drowning
    The world around me crashing
    Everything turning into ashes
    Im crying- but no one cares
    I’m dying but no ones there
    So alone and so much pain, pain I cant endure
    I cant take this anymore I can’t take it anymore
    No ones going to save me,no ones going to love me
    No ones going to hug me and no ones going to protect me