• Young children's pulsating hearts
    Attaching with romantic magnetism
    Latching on to the arms of youth
    As dreaming eyes stare into space

    Time flies across as a nightmare bird
    Lingering over the slender sticks
    With lips locked and bodies entangled
    As they exploit the present and embrace

    Love is a special kind of insanity
    For neither person is fully aware
    Of the perils beneath the starry blankets
    Protecting their chests from the cold

    Forever onlooking the connecting pairs
    Glaring at the kissing couples
    Hands and feet locked inpenetrably
    From the covetous jealousy of others

    Waiting for the right person to come by
    Softening the agony with delusion
    That perfection personified exists
    Yet I discovered the harshness of romance

    Relationships are fragile things
    That can't decide when to shatter
    All I know is that a heart deprived
    Just leads to a depraved impression

    Forever shadowed without one to love
    And no-one around to chance my luck
    Kicking the stones of loneliness down
    Into the waterfall of a young child's tears